Police Chief Gordon L. Wiborg, Jr. - Editor in Chief


and Executive Committee Board President for National Judicial

Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc., Priorities' nonprofit

corporate sponsor; plus, President of the National Strategy

and Management Board of National Forum On Judicial Accountability

Mr. Wiborg is an experienced Public Safety, Justice and Military professional with more than 40 years government service at federal and municipal levels; strong sense of fairness and justice through a solid ethical framework; qualified executive management and leadership in government, military, and law enforcement organizations; with a long-standing belief that government should serve its constituents and not the other way around that has weathered challenges and pitfalls of a cynical society basing its reality on social media, rumor, and innuendo.

Wiborg earned a Bachelor of Science Degree (cum laude) with concentrations in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Military History, and Public Administration. He has also earned FBI certification through the Executive Command College and LEEDA, and is POST-certified as a Police Officer in three states. He is SRT certified through the FBI, and has served as a SWAT Consortium Commander in Hennepin County, Minnesota, and Palm Beach County, Florida. He is a NIMS / ICS Battle Captain, and certified Antiterrorism Officer (Advanced). Mr. Wiborg is a certified Critical Incident Stress Peer Counselor, and for several years served as President of the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro Area Critical Incident Management Team. He coached community and high school wrestling teams for 25 years, and was the Coach selected for the first United States Sports Team to conduct an official visit to post-apartheid South Africa. He also served as President of Minnesota State Wrestling for several years.

​A critical thinker who prefers to look forward with cautious optimism rather than look backwards through a darkened and self-destructive paradigm. A believer only in that which can be demonstrated, observed, or experienced through the current reality.

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